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Question A/C Evaporator

Hi friends. This time I have a question regarding the ACC evaporator. My car is a 350SD 1991 (126134). It was converted to R134 by the MB dealer around 1995. The ACC was doing a terrific job even with the R134. In april 2002 the evaporator needed replacement, as diagnosed by an A/C repair shop. They replace the evaporator with an aftermarket one, and they disconnected the heater (to make it more efficient cooling). In Puerto Rico you don't really need the heater, but the precise temperature controlled I was use to is no longer there. Also it is not cooling the way it was before, specially this time of the year in this tropical weather. My question is: I saw 2 evaporators for this model in the online catalogs. One is @ $178.00 and the other says German @ $305.00. Will that german evaporator do the job? Is there a place where I can get the original or at least one that behaves as the original evaporator? I read that the original is copper tubes with alluminum fins. If you have any idea of improving the cooling system please let me know. I also want to connect everything back to its original version, except for the R12 of course.

Thanks in advance.

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