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I was being a little sarcastic. Inspector1 says a leaking injector could not cause an idle problem only. He says that if a injector was leaking it would cause many other problems. On my 84 500 SEL, a leaking injector caused an idle problem with no other symptoms, and when I changed it, my idle problem went away.
At that time, I only replaced the leaking one because at that time I wasn't completely sure that that was the idle problem so I only put in one. Because it FIXED it, and the car has 250,000 miles on it and I don't know if they had ever been replaced before, I replaced all of them. Injectors need to be replaced at the first sign of a problem as maintaince. BUT I don't recommend putting in a set of injectors until the problem is fixed.
When I am working on running problems, I always fix the problem first and then determine what else needs to be replaced as maintaince. I have seen many times a "bad" new part that was put on trying to fix a problem only to find out later that the car now has two problems instead of one.
So many times I have seen where people have put on MANY parts trying to fix ONE problem. I get the car with TWO or more problems, and then they don't understand why it cost so much to fix the ONE problem when usually the ONE problem turns out to be a simple problem which was covered up by the problems put on the car by replacing parts.
Now of course, there are parts which can be installed as maintaince and if it fixes the problem then all is well. If you know your injectors have 185,000 miles on them, then it is about time for new ones and if it fixes the problem then great. If it doesn't then it needed then anyway so that is not money wasted. But keep in mind that it could inject another problem on top of the problem you already have. I think you get the point.

Sorry for confusion.
84 500 SEL (307,xxx miles)
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