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I agree. My friend bought a 02 325xi or was it 323xi i forget but it was a 4 wheel drive 3 series. two months into the ownership and he had already made 4 trips to the dealer. it was declared lemon and they gave him a choice to choose another one. he decided to stay away from the 4 wheel drive option given it was too troublesome and even the dealers couldnt figure out the clunks in the read drive axle. numerous software upgrades and yet no luck. he now drives the 02 328. already the car has had a software upgrade, transmission problem, and rear axle problem as well. He used to drive the 97E320 before that and his conclusion is to stay away from the new bimmers.
Another friend owns a 02 Z3. just to mention a few problems : convertible top stuck, oil leak, break problems, A/C not working, overheated. He's made more than 2 trips every month to the dealer. and mind you that the dealer in central jersey are nothing but uptight. service is nowhere close to that of lexus or mercedes quality. but then again that's just the review from the people i know. i'm sure others would have had better experience with the bmw's.
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