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2001 MCS Problem

Using the Euro parts (CanBus Adapter, Gerate harness, etc.) mentioned in Benza's pub at BenzWorld, I have retrofit a '01 MCS into a 98 ML320.

The MCS works perfectly EXCEPT the screen does not dim when I turn on the headlights. Also, with the headlights on, I should have a menu option under ADJ for LGHT, which is not present.

The radio harness was mangled by a previous owner, and I had to order the connectors and pins from MB and re-wire the connectors.

At the end of the gerate adapter harness, I have 12v across A6 and A8 when the headlights are on, and 0v when the headlights are off, which agrees with Wolfgang's MCS pinout. So, I think the connectors are wired correctly.

Is there some sort of initial setup for the MCS? Since I have a '98, I don't think the dealer can help (AAM). When power is applied, the radio code is requested, but I don't see any initial setup menu anywhere.

Any ideas? At night, its like having street glows INSIDE the truck!


BTW, I'm a first time poster. Looks like a great forum!
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