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300E running hot...HELP!!!

Hello Board,

My 300E has been running high temps(110 C at idle with A/C on) for a while. I thought my coolant needed to be flushed. Well I flushed the coolant, added a radiator flush additive(Prestone Heavy Duty) and despite all that my car still runs hot. My aux fan kicks in at 100C, but the temp still hits 110 C, but it does not hit the 120 C mark(thank goodness!!) I am afraid that the constant pressure and heat (110C) will hurt my head gasket. I have done this so far:

New Thermostat 1 week old(87 deg)
6 month old aux fan
2 year old radiator
50/50 mixture of coolant and water

still no improvement

Is the position of the little hole in thermostat critical for proper operation??

Should I have my system professionally flushed??

1987 mercedes 300E
1995 e320 conversion(hated the 300e grill)
HID/Xenon (D2S)
Keyless Entry
Monochromatic Paint (Custom Blue)
Smoked Tails
Flat Badged (front)
Debadged (rear)
custom "carbon fiber" console
18 inch HP EVO rims
Sold! Now I drive a Monte Carlo SS
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