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Help? Advice? 300E transmission prob...

Ok, so my car ('86 300E) has had this transmission trouble for a while... in short it basically seems to disengage, or free wheel for a second when shifting up from 2nd to 3rd gear. Now, I had made a post about this a while back and I talked to one other guy on here who had the same trouble. Later he followed up and said he had it fixed and it was some sort of vacume module.

Anyways today I took my car in to this shop that advertises that they specialize in Mercedes... and so I talked to the guy and he asked me when it was last serviced, etc. He was kept saying that if the transmission filter wasn't replaced recently then it could be causing problems, and that it should be done anyways because it would be useless to do other stuff when that could be the base root problem. Anyways I told him that I had talked to someone else about the problem and that they had a similar situation and had a vacume module replaced. He didn't seem to be catching on or going in that direction at all and unfortunately I don't know what vacume module it was or if there is one for the transmission or anything so I couldn't specify. All he told me after that was that there is only one adjustment for the transmission and that it's for all gears (how firm it shifts I guess). He's backed up all this week until early next week so I told him I'd give him a call if I decided on it. He quoted me at about $120-130 to do the filter/fluid change.

What do you guys think? Personally I don't think it's the tranny filter, although replacing it may help it shift smoother in other gears, but why would the filter be the cause of only the 2-3 shift to be bad? All of my other gears shift just fine. Also, that's 120 bucks out the door just to get started.. and I have no idea where it could lead from there. I'd be afraid to have that work done and then be told my tranny is bad or something. Any advice or help is appreciated

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