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Your Lucky Day

I found the instructions for a 420 door panel removal

I decided to take a little time to post my experience and my way of removing the door for anyone else down the line who will need to know how to remove the door panel.

Tools that I used were a philips screw driver and a butter knife.

1) using the butter knife, gently pry-off the power seat switches.
2) Remove the cover over the power seat switches.
3) using butter knife, pull back the black plastic piece in back of the silver door handle. Should be pretty simple to remove.
4) Once piece is removed.. a single screw will be exposed. Unscrew that.
5) Pull the piece that the screw was holding down.
6) A gold large philips screw holding the top of the arm pull will be visible, unscrew that.
7) If your doors have speakers, remove two screws from the bottom of the speaker housing.
8) Pull down the speaker housing and it should come off.
9) Remove the screw holding the center portion of the arm pull. This screw is hidden, its located by finding the hole with your finger.
10) With the speaker housing out of the way, you should be able to unscrew the third and last screw off the arm pull.
11) Pull off the arm pull
12) The power seat box is screwed on with two long gold screws. Unscrew this and unplug the plugs that are attached to it.
13) Remove the entire power seat box.
14) Unscrew the two screws holding the silver C-shaped metal object on the side of the door.
15) Unscrew the black cap which locks and unlocks the door.
16) Unscrew the vertical panel above the main door panel. Its hold on by one screw.
17) Gently and firmly grab a hold of the panel and pull upwards and then towards you once its pushed up.
1989 420 SEL
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