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Manually shifting a automatic it bad???

Hello Board,

While taking a friend to the store, a conversation came up about the 300E being a "slow" car. Well, I decided to show this person that the only reason why a 300E is "slow" is because it starts out in 2nd gear. Well i decided to take it for a little sprint. I reached a stop light and then dropped the tranny into "2", the light turned green, I floored the gas and shot off. After getting near redline, I shifted it into "3", and got to about 80mph. My friend claims that it is bad to manually shift the tranny because it is not "Tiptronic". My car has a 4 year old tranny with about 30k miles. Is manually shifting my auto tranny a bad thing to do??

I do tend to do this a lot. I like to "smoke" a lot of wanna be quick cars(is300, gs300, 330 BMW's, C240, c280 etc).

I win most of the time, not bad for an "old benz".
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