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At 65K the cars hardly worn in JJ, needing new non-service parts in surely unlikely. My '93 with 78K is like new. Or are you just twitching to buy some new parts - as that's always a difficult one to resist! Well apart from
I hear a knocking
- that does need attention!

My 190E was lowered from new (boge shocks) and at 100K needed new front shocks - the rear are still going strong today. And remember that lowered shocks are under considerably more stress.

As for tracking, this is commonly misdiagnosed as being the fault of steering problems. Tracking usually just causes excessive tyre wear. Either your wheels tow (point) in or tow out.

If it was my car and I was concerned then perhaps a trip to a specialist (maybe dealer if you can trust one) and ask their opinion is required. If you have had a little steering knock then maybe it's time for a full camber and steering (tracking) realignment from MB?

'93 R129 500SL-32
'89 190E 2.6 - sold in 2002

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