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Besides the obvious electrical stuff like corroded connectors and a wiring short, I'd look at the fuel pump relay. It's the one that supplies the power to the fuel pump. If your mechanic didn't know that, I'd find a new mechanic.

Assuming it's in the same location as my 560SL, remove the glovebox lining, and WAY back you'll see three relays. I think the front two are idle control and A/C. Anyway, the fuel pump relay is behind one of them. Small hands are going to help here. You can test it by jumping pins 7 & 8 (you should check the service manual to be sure). That should route power straight to the pump. You can open up the relay to see if any solder joints are cracked. Even if you resolder any joints, you should consider replacing the fuel pump relay if that's causing your problem.
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