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Did all 123 diesels come with the block heater?


I am curious, I know I started a thread a while back about block heaters, and a tank heater was determined to be the best. However I see on fastlane that there is a heater that threads into the engine somewhere that sells for $50 and then a heater cord as well.
I dont have the cord, so I dont know if I really have a heater. Where should I look to find it? I understand its somewhere by the starter/manifolds.
Did all cars come with a heater? I get the feeling that is the case from this thread, although the first poster is talking about a 124 car, and the replier has all 123 or older cars: MB diesel block heater thread

But I dont know what year range they are talking about. If so I guess all Id need is a cord, which would be really great... I doubt the heater ever got any use, being that the car spent all its life in NJ, but Ill be making some trips with it up to northwest Canada this winter, and I dont want to just rely on my diesel fuel additive and delvac 1 motor oil.


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