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Unfamiliar Territory

My first diesel car...
Just received a 1979 300D (Euro).
A friend was just about to send her to the scrapyard when I volunteered a good home.
She's got a great body (considering she's lived in a harbor parking lot for five years) and has racked up only 170k original miles, but sadly is not currently running.
Former owner had it rollin a few days prior when she suddenly stopped running. Compression is good on 4 of 5 (number 3 is low, but apparently always has been). He started to dive into the fuel delivery system (checking injectors, replacing fuel filter and worn return lines) and thinks it may just be old diesel (it had been sitting for several weeks). Used to be a daily driver for his daughter, now it's a seagull perch (until I can tow it to my garage).

I work on boats (sail and power), so I am no stranger to the diesel critter. However, I've never laid a wrench to a German born land yacht, so any tips, hints or reminders would be greatly appreciated.
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