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Converion to R134a in the W126

Hi Board. I have been reading the threads regarding conversion of the R12 to R134a. I read that some models will have below marginal results if converted (like the W124). I could not find details in the W126. I bought my W126 in 1997, it was converted by the dealer. The system worked very nice, I was very satisfy with the cooling at that time. I had to repair it a year ago and is not the same anymore, ( they change the evaporator with an aftermarket replacement). For some reason (the A/C repair shop) eliminated the heater, I don't have hot air in my car, the recirculation is not making any difference and the temperature sensor blower is not working, after the repair. It cools ok at night, but not in traffic. Questions: Does the W126 need to stay with R12 in order to be above marginal? Have you heard of any modification to improve cooling by eliminating heater, recirculation and temperature sensor blower? Will the ACM evaporator replacement along with returning the heater, and all the automatic adjustment will improve the cooling capacity?

Please advice. Thank You in advance.

1991, 350SD
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