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Tranny trouble....Still

I have a '79 450 SL with 185K on it. Over the past week I spent most of my time under the car replacing subframe mounts, tie rods, steering coupling and a steering gearbox. I also thought I resolved my trans problem.........guess not.

I had a leaking modulator cap (o-ring was bad) that would cause poor shifts from 2nd to 3rd.....very slow shifts, with big time flaring. I replaced the entire modulator and took the car for a spin. Same trouble, but the shift from 1st to 2nd is now worse.

Question 1: Is this simply resolved with an adjustment on the modulator???

Question 2: How do I make this adjustment?? (I know where to adjust, just need to know how to properly set it)

Question 3: Could this be a sign of something more serious???

Thanks in advance,
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