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Ignition/Distributor Problems

Help! I recently purchased an '87 190E 2.3 8V. and have not been able to get it to fire. In reviewing the ignition set-up with the new Hayes repair manual I bought - I've found that the distributor in the engine does not match the one shown in the book. There is no vacuum advance mechanism, wires or internal components with the distributor in the engine, yet the book shows one and describes the timing procedures utilizing the advance.
Did the '87 190E 2.3 come out with multiple versions of the ignition system? What about the '88 model? When did the timing go directly to the timing gear/front pully and bypassed the distributor all together?
I purchased a used distributor ('86 moodel) from a local salvage yard and it looks like the one in the Hayes book, but nothing like the one that's bolted to the engine. The used one has a wire attached to it that I can't find a place for in the engine compartment

Any help would be appreciated.
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