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There's quite a selection. If you like to shift there's the 68-76 style 240D with 4-speed MT or the 77-85 240D with 4-speed MT. If you like big reasonably fast cars there's the 78-80 300SD turbodiesel. If you want something in between there's the 75-76 style 300D or the 77-81 300D or the 82-85 300D turbodiesel. I noted some models into the 80s because the body style first appeared in the 70s.

There might have been a 200D and/or 220D from the late 60s carry into the early 70s. You really have to like Diesels to pick a 200D or 220D over a 240D because other than the power, you can hardly tell them apart.

Happy hunting.

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