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Given the location of the damage, I'd be concerned that the tonneau cover (the part you have to make sure no one sits on during a parade) has been sat on during a parade and is bent a little. If this gets bent, it can contact the top of the roof (in the middle, which is where the butt was resting) as it goes through the closing procedure (tonneau retracts to under the deck lid, just above the roof, and even when new comes scarily close to hitting the top of the now 2/3 retracted rood panel).

I'd seen this a few times, can't get it through an SLK owners head that this is NOT a good parade vehicle. If anyone reading this is an SLK owner, if you just HAVE to use it in a parade, make it a short one and make sure the person sitting "up" on the deck lid keeps their *ass* between the roll bars, not back on the tonneau.

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