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Angry 300E Troubles: Cruise, Dash Lights, Anti-Lock Brakes

Just recently bought a 1986 300E and a few problems have begun to surface.

First the cruise control (which worked fine for the first month) started "surging" uncontrollably when activated. Like someone was hammering on/off the accelerator. Linkage cleaning/lubrication or amplifier?

Next, the instrument cluster lights don't come on when the headlights are turned on. Is there a dimmer switch somewhere that I'm missing? Fuse?

Lastly, the Anti-Lock warning light came on this morning. Obviously the system is sensing some kind of fault thus disabling the anti-lock braking system. Don't know anything about anti-lock braking systems.

Looking for some simple checks which might lead to some simple repairs before resorting to "the dealership."

Any help is appreciated --Steve
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