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Not at all like most other non-MB cars.

Easier in many ways. No MacPherson strut.

May need a 7mm hex key to undo strut from top mount, which is not the most common size. This may vary depending upon brand. Check in advance.

Bump stops and dust boots are not included with strut.
Be certain to recover plastic clip that holds abs/wear sensor wires from old strut prior to tossing (not included either).

Most important of all:
Just be sure to rest ENTIRE weight of car on proper jackstands positioned under control arm, as near to balljoint as possible. There is a 'notch' that receives the 'concave top' type of stand that is designed for axle tubes. Flat top stands would not be as safe.

Why? This setup will use the weight of the car to compress the spring. Otherwise the spring will want to fly when you unbolt the strut. The strut is the part that limits downward travel at full extension on this car.

Place stands on hard level surface. Be careful, use common sense.
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