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... and regarding the rears ..

Unlike the fronts, the rear tires do not need to be removed.

The rear shocks are held at the top by a double 17mm nuts which can be found inside the trunk. To access, remove the side trunk liner and then carefully pull back the center liner.

The shock bottoms can be accessed by jacking up the car and removing the plastic control arm cover. The small screws are 10mm. Once uncovered, the the lower shock can be removed by first removing a through-bolt that has a 17mm nut. You will need to hold the bolt with a wrench while taking off the nut.

Installation is the reverse. You must insert the top of the shock up into the body first and then located the bottom. Be sure to secure the nut tightly to the through-bolt.

The tops again are held by two 17mm nuts. The first nut (with washer under it) compresses the rubber bushing agains the body. The second nut acts as a lock nut.

Once familiar, changing both rear shocks on a 124 can be done in less than an hour.

I would suggest that with removal of both the fronts and the rears that you do not change the amount of rubber buffers, their order or locations. It is fine to substitute new ones for old ones.

If you have never changed your front and rear sway bar bushings, and rear plastic links, go for it. The parts are not that expensive and their replacement returns you car back towards the new car handling.

Additionally, regarding the front shock R&R, since you are there, you might want to carefully inspect the front upper shock mount which is a huge rubber bushing. Now would be the time to replace it if necessary.

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