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Lemforder vs. OE motor/engine mounts?

OK, so I'm looking for the smoothest idle from my 190E that I'm replacing the blown out motor mounts on. Is there some reason that I should get these Lemforder mounts from here for MORE than the part at the MB dealership? I'd pay the $10 extra if there's something to gain, but I'd be even happier to hear that the generic (what type is that?) part here is just as worthwhile. Is it as good as the Lemforder or OE? I'm interested in getting all the durability/tuning possible, that's why I've been looking at the dealer.
Also, what happened with the separate L/R parts that are mentioned as being so important in my service manual? None of that's important enough to hold up in the service arena, huh?

I ASSUME that this price is each, not for a pair and that the 2 in the photos is to provide a better view. ???

Thanks for the opinions,

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