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The 1977-late 80's 5,6,7 series were pretty good IMHO. Rather anemic by today's standards, and now would be considered low-tech as well.

The old 5 had a decent power-to-weight ratio. The 'big 6' motors were very durable back to their start in the '60s. Some cracked head issues on early models, but they fixed that. Easily good for 1/4 million miles or more before major service. Took several apart (for heads), and the bottom end was always mint. Really old now, of course...

2002s were sweet.

Still have a 3.0cs in deep storage. Hope to restore it someday...

Too bad the 90's models have so many problems. The drivetrain problems are particularly troubling. I was considering a 90s 8 cylinder for my next 'new' old car. Maybe I will never 'go back'...
1986 300E 5-Speed 240k mi.
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