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Thanks for your insightful response Mr. A. Rosich

To: Mr. Shellenberb

Originally posted by blackmercedes
1. If you can't tell that a door is open either through it banging in the wind or the dome light being on, then the car is not the problem.

2. I taught my daughter to keep her seatbelt on, stay in her booster seat at all times, not to wind the window down (don't need the window lock out switch) and not to open her door while we're driving. It's not a police car, and she's not a prisoner. In the Subie and Mazda, we have "child lock out" switches, and we don't use them.
I am new here but I don't appreciate your response #1. It could be daytime and the little dome light is not very visible. The child/even adult in the back may not have the strength to close the door totally. Before you realize it, you could be already traveling a few miles. I don't believe you can tell all adults to put their seat belts on in the back seat either.
Why would the door ajar sensor feature be a hassle (to me it's an important safety feature) when everything else which maybe much less important has one(in a Mercedes)? Thanks to Mr. Rosich, now I know there isn't one.
Not trying to stir any problem, I just want you to see other's point of view.

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