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You're very welcome Mr. Jeffrey P.

In regard to Mr. dtf comment about child safety locks on the back doors of M.B.s:

Hmmm.... It definitely has te be a legal issue on the U.S. market, because ALL of Mercedes-Benz cars I have owned and seen around here (most of them are Euro versions) have rear child-safety door locks.

They are actually kind of ackward to engage, not as easy as say engaging the childsafety locks on a Japanese car where you just flip a leveler. In the Mercs you have to stick a pen or something similar through a small hole to move a miniature hatch and engage the lock.

This very small hole is located just above the door lock mechanism, and I have seen it here in all types of M.B.s, W123/124/126/201/140/220/etc,etc,etc...
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