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Ever get a bad batch of gas?

Well I had quite a little scaretoday with my car. I was driving it to work today and I was speeding up to get around a car for my turn and all of a sudden she started studdering. I slammed on my brakes and got in behind to make my turn and then started out on the next road and it was still doing it... kind of sounded like it was missing on 2 cylinders and I thought I could aslmost hear a pinging type sound. Well, I let up off the gas and it seemed to smoothe out but as soon as i pushed it past maybe 20%, it would do it again. At the stoplight it was idling really rough too... almost thoguht she was gonna die, but no engine light or warning lights came on.

On my break I bought some fuel injector cleaner, dumped it in, then went to Chevron and put their best stuff in it. Since then, I haven't had any trouble at all, it seems like it smoothed it out. I'm praying that it was just the gas and that I don't have a costly repair coming up.

On another note, the reason I thought of gas in the first place was because I was on a tank of gas that I bought at a Shell station that I never go to. I always fill at the same place all the time and never had trouble until this one time. It kind of makes me angry that I pay $2.10 per gallon for gas that ruins my car and that my car won't run on. I always put the best stuff in too, no matter what I won't go under 92 octane, and I never go to those crappy stations like Arco or Tesoro, etc. What's the best stations to use? I've been pretty loyal to a Shell station in town and my car's always been happy with it. Sometimes I'll go to a 76 or Chevron but that's it. I don't mind paying good money for my gas, as long as the gas is good.

Any comments? Experiences?
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