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Tough decision A/C unconversion

Hello friends. I am asking for advice regarding the improvement of my A/C system in my 350SD. I've been reading a lot about the pros and cons of R12 and R134a. I even became certified yesterday with tha 609 Cert. (Thanks to all of you). I want to go back to R12 if that will imrpove my marginal system, but flushing the system gets complicated when you get to the old Nipondenso compressor. ACkits states that compressor should not be flushed, it should be replaced ($625.00). Is it ok to flush everything and just blow some air through the compressor? If it is that difficult, will it be better to replace the A/C condenser with a parallel flow in a W126 and stay with R134a? If that a better solution which size is the optimal for a W126? I am more incline to do the R12 unconversion but I need to clarify the flushing issue.

Thank You again in advance. I am enjoying the forum and hope to help others with my limited experience.

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