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In the past I sometimes had episodes of getting water in the gas tank. I could never nail it to a specific gas station since there was no one station that I patronized. In the carburated days it was easier to diagnose. Just disconnect the fuel line, place it in a glass jar, and crank the engine a number of times. If you see water at the bottom of the sample, then you've found your problem. Easiest yet was my old 66 Corvette. Just open the gas cap and shine a light into the tank. I could vacuum the water out of the tank by siphoning.

If you do find water in the gas, it's best to remove the tank, dry it out, and drain the lines. I never had much luck with dry gas product.

All gas stations have water in the bottom of their tanks. The good ones monitor this water level so it won't get slurped into the gas stream. If you patronize just one station all the time and find water in your car's fuel system, you have just cause to request compensation for repair to have it purged from your vehicle.
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