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MB/Ford 280slc parts car

Just bought a 1979 Euro 280 slc parts car with auto trans and sun roof (those are odd on a Euro car). The strangest thing is that it has a 302 Ford engine in it. I must say that as crude as the work is, wires everwhere, etc., the engine fits in there as slick as can be. There is gobs of room for the bell housing (as opposed to that of a SMC 350 where you have to beat the trans. hump out with a shop hammer). The only problem I can see is that the oil filter on the driver's side is up against the frame. Looks like you might have to raise the engine to change the filter.

This car is strickly a parts car and I am open for requests for any parts. The exterior is a strange sort of a light rust color and the inside is cream.
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