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Oh geez, I'm not really very good at writing up procedures and such. I'll toss out a few tips and leave it at that.

Nothing exotic in the way of tools is required. I mostly used a 1/4 inch drive rachet with a selection six point sockets. The smaller rachet is easier to work with in tight spaces.

I made my own fan clutch holder from a length of 1/4 inch steel rod I bought a Lowe's for about $1.50. I used an plain old 8mm allen key for the fan bolt.

The general procedure is this: 1) Drain radiator 2) Remove fan shroud 3) Remove fan & fan clutch 4) Untension serpentine belt and remove 5) Remove water pump and power steering pulleys 6) Remove belt tensioner assembly 7) Move power steering pump aside (it shares mounting with the tensioner. There are two bolts accessed from the back.) 8) Remove radiator hoses - this could/should be done earlier to get them out of the way. 9) Remove the hard metal pipe which attaches to the thermostat housing - not sure what this is even called. There is a 5mm allen head bolt which secures it to the head of the engine. This bolt need only be loosened, not removed, and the pipe can be slid to the left and moved out of the way. 10) Remove four water pump bolts. All are 6mm allen head. For the upper front I used a 6mm allen key. The remaining three can be accessed using an allen head socket, a swivel joint, and a generously sized extension. Be sure you are getting the water pump bolts on the botton - there are some identical 6mm bolts just below, and you can accidentally remove them instead. Then you wonder why the water pump won't come off!

That's my thoughts on the matter. If you have any specific questions, just ask.

- JimY
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