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I haven't pulled the valve cover off yet to check the timing chain yet for this reason:

The pulley connected directly to the crankshaft DOES NOT TURN.

Nothing visible moves when I start the car. No sparks are created as far as I've tested. Fuel seems to deliver fine.

I can hear the starter spinning. I can feel something spinning (even something as large as the flywheel, perhaps). BUT NONE of the pulleys or belts turn. I agree that my failure was rather peaceful and doesn't sound like a broken timing chain. The battery has a good charge (recharged it again last night). How about the overvoltage protection relay? I'm going to read up on that. I'm trying to reconcile how my engine lost power while driving and my starter not cranking the crankshaft.

Even if my chain were busted into 10 pieces, the starter should turn the crankshaft pulley, correct??? Or could a broken chain stall the crankshaft?
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