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I was at a fuel trim conference in Indianapolis last weekend. We had a brief talk from a fuel engineer. He spent a few minutes telling stories about how useless most fuel tank additives were, especially octane boosters.

He also made a point that the feds have legislated minimum levels of additives and as they are expensive, everyone is using the minimum amounts.

A discussion came about on the distribution system is Indy. Seems all their gas comes out of Texas on the same pipeline. All the gas IS the same, EXCEPT that each tanker puts in his password into the filling computer and the appropriate additive packages are added and billed for. One other interesting tidbit; I was talking with one of the sponsers on break and he said that he was at the bulk plant one day where 45,000 gallons of gas were preceeded by 45,000 gallons of diesel down the same pipe. They are separated by a hydraulic feature dubbed a "pig". The pig has to be heavier than the preceeding fluid. One time the "Pig" got lost and was mixed.

The fuel next to the pigs is sold for less.
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