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Hi Sixto,

When I did look at the driverside yesterday afternoon, it was more for measuring the disc thickness (9.4 mm) and seeing how it comes apart and taking the pictures. I did not check the function of the e-brake. This morning, when I checked the passenger side, I checked the e-brake by putting the transmission in neutral and releasing the e-brake. I could spin the rotor with some resistance (I guess thats normal). When brake applied 1 click, I can still spin, with second click, no more. I did not adjust anything as that side seemed fine.

I'll have to do the same for the other side, but there has to be something wrong on the driver side with that type of metal to metal noise when I get out of the car.

The subframe mounts have been replaced a few months ago without any effect on the noise.

I'll let you know when I open it up, probably Monday.

Thanks again

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