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Unhappy Surprise, I did something really stupid.....

Hi guys,
My Mercedes is an '84 500SEL. The occasional things that pop up with my car are bad enough but when I do something that actually CAUSES the problem....well...I'm embarrassed. I was working on identifying what is probably a fuel pump relay problem when I did the dastardly deed. I unplugged the fuel pump relay while the engine was turning over trying to start (yes, really long arms). So now the problem is not just an intermittant short in a relay, now I'm not getting any spark from the coil at all! Could I have actually shorted out the coil somehow when I removed the relay???? Is there some other kind of fuse or fusible link I don't know about?? Is there a way to test the coil? All fuses are still good. What was I thinking???

By the way, this forum has saved my bacon more times than I can remember.
Thanks in advance,
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