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Update on the 260E thing

Well I went and filled her up put some STP additive in the tank. It started running alittle better after a little trip around town. but the engine still sounded 'funning". I figured I would go and buy a new air filter been about two months since I had her in the shop. I told the onwer that I was going on along trip and not only wanted the oil changed, but would like a really good look at everthhing. had the oil changed, front brake pads replaced and was told "evenything looks good". Well to get back to the air filter story I pulled the old one out and found at least a handfull of dirt around the outsound of the filter. When I pulled the filter out so much dust started to come out the it blocked out the sun. Ok it did not really block out the sun , but it was alot.
The car runs better now, but still goes in to the red on the eco needle if I'm going for 40 mph. Any thoughts? Should I get a new fuel filter too if it does not improve soon?
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