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Question Bolts -? when to replace or ok to reuse

In the process of replacing to front brake disc rotors on ’78 280 CE (W123) 60k miles -first post on this forum, but have been posting my progress on the re-birth of my 280CE on the Vintage Forum

Caliper mounting bolts and rotor / hub bolts very tight & blue ? loctite ? anti-seize on threads

Can the threads be cleaned up and these bolts be reinstalled with new blue loctite or should they be replaced?

I have read about stretch bolts -how do you identify them ?

The caliper bolts look like they could be stretch type…..but why use the ‘blue’ unless it is just anti-seize

The rotor / hub bolts have thread all the way to the 10mm Allen Head

I have read on the Pindelski site that the rotor to hub bolts should be installed to 115Nm with no anti-sieze, no oil, no loctite, but mine had had the ‘MB blue’ on them when removed for the first time since manufacture……….no indication re need to replace bolts noted on this excellent info site

Will probably replace all the bolts as safety is my prime concern……….but I would appreciate Tech advice.

If anyone has a MB CD or Manual for this type of brake / hub setup (W123 or W124 I think -later ones seem to just have one small locating bolt) -what do they advise with regard to these bolts ?


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