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The lug bolts hold the rotors on in the W124 chassis, front and rear. No need to replace.

Basic rule on bolts is to re-use unless they are subject to stress or head that would change the material characteristics.

That means stretch bolts (these are always tightened to a torque and then some degree of rotation) and critical fastners like the bolts on calipers should be replaced unless integrity can be verified. Mind you, I've never replaced a caliper bolt and never had one break, but if the factory manual says replace, it's a good idea. Some manufactures (Volvo, on the TD) require replacement for head bolts each use, others have a length spec.

The newer cars have many bolts "glued" in with Loctite, and it's a good idea to either replace the bolt with a new one coated with the microencapsulated adhesive OR to clean it off and use the appropriate color of loctite. On large bolts, you also need to clean the threads with a thread chaser in the body so that you can correctly torque the bolt.

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