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Keyless entry / relay question

First off, sorry about the longwinded post. I successfully installed a keyless entry on my 300D months ago. Now I'm trying to put same into my mother's '82 300SD and for the life of me I can't get the actuator working. I finished the actuator install into the door today and for the past couple of hours pulling my hair out over the circuit. It's late and I've just about had it.

I first hooked up the relays as per the Crimestopper CS-845 manual and no luck. Alarm lock out to 85, alarm unlock to 85(other relay), +12v to 86,87(both relays), 30 to one wire on actuator, 30(other relay) to other wire on actuator.

I then tried "Thomaspin"'s circuit for the early 126 and again nothing. I don't know if my tired brain is the culprit ...... I mean, there's not too many ways the relays can be wired, right? I even tried another new relay thinking one of the relays was bad. Since this needs to show reverse polarity to the actuator, wouldn't there need to be a ground on either one or both of the relays? BTW, I'm using four-post SPST 30A relays from Radio Shack.... no 87a on them.

Any help is appreciated.
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