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same octain? whaaaaaaat

ey so no joke, the times i fill up w 91 im wasting my money?

not sayn i dont believe you, just let me see some proof dawgie dawg **** dawgie dawg piss...

Originally posted by albert champion
even this guy ain't telling you the complete truth.

all liquid[also gaseous] hydrocarbon products are transmitted via pipelines. and they are all transmitted to the same terminals.

i care to tell you that the gasoline at a shell station is the same gasoline at a chevron station. principally because all of it was piped via the same line, to the same terminal.

the conventional wisdom is that once this benzine reaches the terminal, it is delivered to its customer[shell, chevron, et al] and it becomes transformed by the addition of their proprietary additive packages and octane enhancers.


it is all a con. imposed upon us by the gasoline sellers. do your own research. there is no octane difference from that labelled 87 at the pump from that labelled 93.

we are the most astounding bunch of cows imaginable. we believe what the oil companies tell us. how does it go? i love you. it's only a cold sore. etc etc.
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