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hey gilly what about turning steerng wheel in stoped motion

sup gilly, you're very informared. is turning wheel in stoped motion back for the little bolts n stuff that hold steering together.

Originally posted by Gilly

Yes, that goes for the 4Matic as well. I'd leave the transmission fluid alone as well, especially at 100,000 km (about 60,000 miles).
If the transmission is gonna "unload" on you, it'll do it whether you change the fluid or not. Once the transmission makes up it's mind to change it's occupation from a transmission to a steel grinder, then you're pretty much out of luck. On a 99 I wouldn't sweat it too much though, they had them pretty well ironed out by then.

On the flex discs they are inspecting for wear, this is noted by loooseness between the yoke and driveshaft.

There is a grease MB distributes for lubing the sunroof slides, it's like a thin petroleum jelly.

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