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Talking fire extinguishers/first aid kits

Can I put my small household fire extinguisher in the car? Its called First Alert. Don't know whats in the can, but it says powder type. Is this ok for petrol fires?? There is no mounting bracket.

My firstaid kit looks like it is original 8 years old. Can I just buy the dept. store bundle of stuff in a pack and exchange the things in there? I am sure if the dealers still have these it will cost quite a bit to replace originals. How long can the stuff inside last exposed to high Summer heats like 42 degrees Celcius? The rear deck is very exposed even though I have installed dark tinted film. I think the plaster's elastic properties will be gone after a few months only. Did they ever think of stocking a few "rubbers" or kiddie's lollies in the pack as the back seat can get very busy sometimes!
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