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Bad news. I found the leak and it doesnt look good. At the oil filter housing there are two coolant lines. The steel one from the water pump attaches thru an o ring and from a fellow members experience, it is a doable but akward repair from underneath. The leak is on the other line, a small v shaped hose from the filter housing to the engine block. The leak has started to increase now that I have poked around the damaged hose. An MBZ dealer quoted $1200 for this job because it involves pulling the intake manifold. The hose is directly underneath the second inlet of the intake manifold.

Is this a task for the DIYer? I dont think I can handle dropping the intake manifold. What Im hoping is that there is a way to wrangle the hose off and put a new one on, by working from both above and below. From above I can probable get the standard screw hose clamp off from the block. The spring clamp at the filter housing looks accessible only with the intake manifold out of the way or possible from underneath? Is this possible maybe with the starter motor removed? Is pulling the manifold the only way to do this repair?


1991 300CE
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