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I assume you're talking about a 104 motor / i.e. straight six. I don't have a picture but it's something most dealers would have in stock, since it's been such a problem. I put one in myself on a 3.2 104 motor and it's not that tough. It took about three hours but that was because I marked and numbered every connector and took my time. The truth is I overdid it - you don't really need to be so cautious. As I recall there's about 25 or so end points but there's so many unique connectors that you can't really go wrong. The wires are in maybe 4 or 5 different clusters and it's pretty obvious based on the length of the wires where they go. There probably only about 2 or 3 connectors/ wire lengths where you could possibly go wrong - so you mark those. The car started right up but later I noticed a lack of power, which was because the car had gone into the "limp home" mode as a result of the fault codes resulting from the wiring harness shorts. So I had to go to a shop and get all the fault codes erased, which was not big deal, and then the car ran fine.
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