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Hey folks, follow up to this original question...

Finally got around to doing this on Saturday ($12 gasket from fast lane, thank you). Got it all the way down to pull the cover off and had about 1 hour to make my tee time. Made the command decision to stop, reassemble and try later, for the following reasons:

1) the gasket on there is rock hard so I knew clean up would be longer than 5 minutes, and I didn't have the time

2) from the exterior of the valve cover, the oil breather hose didn't want to come apart from any direction, which made moving the cover difficult

My question relates to 2), is this hose detached from the inside, after you get the cover turned over? My 201 CD skips this part.

Things are kinda compact in there (W201), so I must admit this was an easier job on my '75 camaro 350.

thanks a million
(or at least $180 as I'm sure this would be a 2-hr mitchell gouge)

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