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The PCV hose on my 2.6 is held to the nipple with a spring clamp and slips right off without even squeezing the clamp. The hose can "weld" to the nipple, so squeezing and pulling the spring clamp back then lightly twisting the hose should break it loose.

Once all the bolts are out tap lightly around the periphery of the cam cover with a rubber hammer to break the gasket loose from the head.

I have to say that swapping the valve cover gasket is as easy as on vintage Chevy Small Block, and there are few 103 jobs that are as easy as their equivalent on a vintage Chevy small block.

I used 100 in-lb torque and starting from the center bolts worked out on either side to 50 lb-in and then to 100 with a second pass. I also wiped the bottom of the gasket and head matting surface with a rag wetted with silicone spray lube. (I do this on all engine gaskets, except head gaskets.) The silicone film will prevent the gasket from "welding" to the head, and it can be reused if you have to pull the cover off until it gets too hard from heat and age.

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