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When it rains.. it pours (Sh** Happens).

The car: 1989 260E with almost 300K on the clock. I bought the car Sept. 22nd 1991, exactly 12 years ago today.
This morning, strange noise on start-up.... I shut it down, and re-start it again: Obviously, the starter/bendix is going south.....
The normal drive to the office, getting at my usual exit of the highway, strange sound coming from under the car (Flat tire), Spare tire is flat... (stupid me) I did not needed a spare tire for at least 6 or 7 years.)
Called AAA and they came to my rescue. Once the flat tire is temporarily fixed (a metal strip through the side of the treads.),
I try to start the car, starter makes a weird sound, turn the engine over about 1/8 turn and then quits. No problem the AAA tow truck is still there. He jumps the starter/bendix and the car starts OK with a starter sounding like a 1950 Chrysler . I'm on my way to my garage. 10 miles down the road, a very strong smell of cooland invades the cockpit. Engine temperature still normal, I only have about an other 6 or 7 miles to my garage. But, I can't make it. The engine starts to overheat and I shut it down, about 3 miles from my destination. The radiator top plastic outlet is broken and the radiator emptied itself all over the engine. Second tow-truck of the day.We get the car on the flat-bed tow-truck and dump it at my beloved garage. We put it up on the hoist to have a look at the starter..... a fairly major oil leak is found....rear crankshaft oil seal.
I already had a rear suspension rebuilt job scheduled for next week, as well as a fall tune-up as winter is coming. Eveything will be done within the next 2 days. Just imagine the bill:
radiator $350
Starter $250
Rear oil seal: $400.
Suspension $1,500.
Tune-up: $250.
1 tire: $125.
Other Surprises: $250.
Total: $3,200+
But, I still like my old Benz. What kind of a car can I have for the value of the broken car and the amount of repair? A 1997 Honda??. No thanks.
What a day.........
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