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As posted earlier, replacement of the harness is a nice DIYed job for a weekend, where you are not pushed for time. The key is to lay out the new harness in roughly the same location as the old harness. Then you can slowly and methodically change out one connector at a time.

The dealer will charge you 5 to 7 shop hours to change out the harness; however, several posters on this board have described it as a 3 to 4 hour job.

In my case, I was able to get the dealer to change out my harness and we split the cost of the labor (done on the "good will" program). So, I ended up paying for about three hours of labor........which I felt was reasonable for the job. As it turned out, that was a wise decision on my part. Who would have thought that there would be a batch of new harnesses incorrectly marked! The dealer went through five harnesses which had the correct part number on them, but which were not for my engine! On the fifth try (he had a harness sent in from another parts depot), the part was the correct replacement harness.

Had I elected to save the money by doing it myself, I would still be out there trying to figure where I went wrong! And, my car would be out of commission.

The message here is to mark all the connections as you change them out, so that if you have to reverse your can go back to the old configuration.
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