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Then on to the Cotter pin that holds the adjustment pin in place.

The points of the Cotter pin were sheared off at an angle when manufactured, leaving a needle sharp point that must be avoided during use.

So I ground those to a nice blunt round tip. By far the least effort for most reward, amazing how much nicer it is to secure the pin in the hole now.

Then because I'm insane, I added a finger loop to more easily remove the pin.

I put a cable tie through the pin, superglued the ratchet mechanism on the tie so it wouldn't adjust any more, secured it to the pin with some heat-shrink tubing, rounded off all the sharp parts with a Dremel, and heated the cable tie with a hot air gun so that it could be molded it into a nice finger-pull shape.

A side-benefit of this mod is that it's a lot easier to find the pin if it's misplaced.
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