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C280 Engine Wiring Harness Pictures

LuckyE320Wagon -

Thanks VERY much for your pics. Although my battery is in the trunk, I clearly get the idea from the pics you posted. I REALLY appreciate it.

I'm pretty sure I won't have the time this week to do it (work is killing me), but, in the next week or two (as long as it's still running, which at the moment, it still runs basically fine), I'll be doing it. I'll post with the results (or questions if they come up).

I do have a couple of questions left...

1. (I know, I'm full of questions...), would now be a good time to replace the plug wires, too, considering I'm going to have to mess with them anyway?


2. Can you buy precut plug wires that are the right length. I read that you have to buy a bunch of wire and cut it yourself and affix the ends (which I'm not confident about doing properly). I've never had to do that before. more thing...

3. Should the coils be replaced, too while I'm at it, since, the car has 75k on it now, and they're original as far as I know.

Thanks MUCH!

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