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how to test these list of components?

does anybody have any good resource for testing the following components on an 85' 190E 8V:

1. microswitch
2. throttle valve switch
3. airflow sensor
4. idle control valve
5. EHA
6. OVP
7. throttle linkage adjustment
8. cold start valve

I have a high idle problem and so far what I've done to try to solve the problem are as follows:

1. new spark plugs, cap, rotor, wires (that got rid of the stalling)
2. idle control valve cleaned (that seemed to settle the idling down but only when in gear, idling still high in P and N). I also noticed that when this valve is disconnected the idling shoots up.
3. microswitch - I've noticed that when I activate the switch the idling takes a couple of seconds to go down but not a lot.
4. I've played around with the idle adjustment screw right by the firewall on the end of the gas pedal.
5. fuse on the OVP looks fine
6. my EHA is disconnected and don't know if it should be

thanks in advance for all the feedbacks!
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