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350 Sdl, 1991

Hi or should I say HELP!
I just had the head gasket changed on my mb: $1,800.00
I still have the same problem which is motor oil in cooling system. Also, I have to keep adding coolant on a daily basis and a quart of oil every 1500 km. I also noticed a lot of pressure building up in the cooling system. Upon doing the head gasket the mecanic says that they inspected the head visually for cracks and saw none. I have the feeling that he did not do a thorough job and that the head is, indeed, cracked. Today I noticed the temperature gauge at 120 and I stopped immediately. It coudl not have been at 120 for very long but now after the car is stopped for more than 30 min. there is a puff of white smoke when I start the car. The mecanic wants to redo the job and send the head to be x-rayed but he is going to charge me again. I say enough bull and will do the job myself with the help of an old friend and very good mecanic. Is there something I should know before I start the job. I am sarting to hate the car and it's too bad as the vehicle is in very good condition. Can you give me some advise.
Thak you,
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